How can More Order


Hello I am Nabed Khan
Last 15 days I have no order in my gig.How can more sell gig…??
please help me anyone


Share your gig in social media. I think it’s will be work.


Hi there, I created a guide to optimize your gig and get more orders - you may find it useful:


Hi, check this guide i hope it will help you… :slight_smile:


Everyday share my social account


1.give nice gig title
2.Give well details
3.and provide quality services


Thanks. bizzasolution


Perhaps that is the problem. Unless you are connected to the people who need your services on social media, you probably aren’t going to find any success. Spamming your gig links over and over to your friends on social media is NOT productive marketing. Figure out who your customers are. Determine where those customers are located… and then go to that place, and tell those potential customers about your services.

The only people that are going to purchase your services, are the customers who NEED what you have to offer. Connect with those people, and you may find the sales that you are looking for.


How Can find buyer…??
please tell me details…


Jon just explained. It’s not a difficult answer - its a difficult task. For every request and every service on fiverr, there are tons of communities where people discuss, dissect and request said service.

For example: I’m a professional songwriter/performer and producer. My gigs are dedicated to writing material for people. On my own social media account it would be senseless to spam people with my gigs. Why?

  1. These people have enough “come see me perform live” spam that has nothing to do with paying for material and…
  2. If they were interested in buying services, I wouldn’t need a third party broker.

So the task is to go specifically to communities that need my services: singers groups, local artists, writers who need production… that sort of thing. There are millions of groups dedicated to services in my line of work.

Moderators and experienced sellers will tell you to NOT spam these groups and they are right. Enter the culture respectfully sharing experience and tips that will lead people back to your profile. There they should see your fiverr profile and offerings in your job descriptions.

This is just facebook but the formula is the same everywhere.

Also, spend significant time reviewing tips from the pro’s on fiverr. Dedicate hours to threads where top sellers have dedicated their time to explain their opinions on everything from algorithms to ethics.

It’s a full time job. You’ll balance 8 to 12 hours a day between community involvement, research and service work. They must all be done daily. Inside the sleeve notes you’ll hear little pieces of info slip through like, “remain active on fiverr for eight hours daily,” “Create videos featuring you or a voice over,” “create youtube videos that exemplify even more work,” Take special notice of the ideas that become consensus even if they feel odd.

It’s not gonna happen for you. You have to actively make it happen. When we sign on to fiverr we sign on to a full time job. But it’s the job we always wanted… I get paid to bring the ideas out of a person’s head and into reality…and to drink coffee.

Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.