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How can more sale and more earn?


I am new freelancer in Fiverr. I am sharing only my real experience. I was very determined that I must have to get a job in Fiverr. So were continuing in Fiverr and still now. I created my GIG before 25 days ago and I was serious about it from 17 days ago. About 15 days ago, I got 1st job in Fiverr. I was so happy.

From then I was trying to get more sale and I did GIG marketing very seriously. After it I sold my GIG 4 times.

How it is possible:

  1. Make your GIG properly.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) &
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  4. You must have to stay in Online all the time in Fiverr.
  5. Instant reply to your buyer.

I think you can sale more your products easily.

Thanking You,

  1. And how do you define “properly”? Without any explanation, this tip of yours is completely useless. Perhaps you can offer a little more wisdom so people understand what you mean by “make your gig properly”.

  2. Yes, and… how do you advise this be done? Again, just posting a phrase is not helpful to other sellers. If you’re going to offer advice, please offer helpful advice.

  3. Social media marketing is a terrible idea – UNLESS all the people you are connected to are your target customers. Most people are only connected to their friends on social media, and friends are NOT the target customers who will build your success.

  4. Absolutely not. Being online 24/7 will NOT make you successful. Gigs are designed to be available for purchase whether a seller is online or not. If you receive any messages from prospective buyers, being online all the times does NOT guarantee that you’ll have a sale. Please stop promoting this as wisdom. This is utterly, and completely wrong.

  5. No. Reply when you are online. An instant reply is kind and considerate, but certainly not a prerequisite for sales.

Nothing that you wrote is helpful, and it seems to show that you are not as experienced as you claim. Would you be willing to expound upon your “suggestions”, and offer some actual – practical – advice that helps other people? That would be helpful.


You stay roasting people on here lol…


Not so sure about that. I’m never online all the time at Fiverr, I have this thing called life. I have to agree with what Jon said, IF you had a ton of orders your post will be convincing, but what you mentioned above is very vague and not helpful.
Have you applied those rules to your own gigs? Are you getting a lot of sales?


@jonbass thanks for comments.


Nice explanation. Thank you.


Did you know that you have someone’s bank statement and someone’s resume in your portfolio. I mean, I know that it’s up to the customer for that, but sheesh… that’s a bit much.

I have no idea if removing watermarks is allowed, maybe it is. So far your portfolio shows 1) Someone trying to get their graduation picture’s watermark removed from the samples instead of paying the photographer for their work 2) Changes to a PDF saved resume and 3) Modification of bank statements.

Not sure I would want to be associated with it. And @jonbaas was correct. If you plan on giving advice on the forum, please don’t copy and paste the same thing you saw somewhere else.