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How can my account be saved?

3 months ago buyer reported me a blank file delivery, later canceled that order from support, gave me a warning. From now on, I immediately cancel the order which seems to be a problem after delivery to any buyer. What should I do if any buyer reports the same even after I have completed 100% of the work? All I can do to save my account is to explain the warning to those who are experienced in this matter.

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Please see:
And this conversation here: How not to be affected by canceled orders?

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It is very important to know this. How reasonable would it be for a buyer to file a complaint against a seller for no reason? Such as blank file delivery reports, How much this can affect the seller’s account

It is extremely unlikely that, if you upload your complete, final work using the “deliver” button on the current order page, that a buyer will report you for this. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I’m saying if it already happened erroneously it is extremely unlikely that lightening will strike twice. This isn’t typical. Sounds like you just got scammed.


If they do report it and you get a warning from CS about it you can message CS/create a support ticket showing proof that you didn’t send a blank file or blank delivery. Show CS screenshots of the order page showing the attached file and file size. Maybe ask them to check and see the file that you sent.

Maybe you could do the same with the order you got the warning for (if it’s not too late). You could show CS in a support ticket that you didn’t deliver a blank file (attached screenshots, ask them to view the file you attached). If they can see you attached the proper file they might then remove the warning.

It could also be due to the attachment bug that sometimes occurs. You could try waiting a few seconds after all the attachments have uploaded before pressing the button to send the delivery. You could also check each delivered file (eg. by downloading it) as soon as you’ve delivered. If there’s any issue with them re-deliver right away. When there’s issues attachments you could also use dropbox (maybe send it to both with dropbox as a backup in case).

thanks, :grinning: It’s great to know

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