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How can new sellers got pro membership

if someone have a lot of experience in graphics then how can he got pro membership.

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The application for Fiverr Pro doesn’t have anything to do with how well you’ve done on Fiverr before. Some Fiverr Pro sellers are completely new.

My favorite part about this post is probably how the title is completely different from the actual content…


thanks i got it. your raply was useful for me.

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Just fill and apply the application for Fiverr Pro … but it will take more than a moth to get a reply from them

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is pro membership is use full.

Yes its very useful … you can serve to the clients who are seeking for pro standard output at high price.

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Keep in mind, though, that you don’t need to be a Pro seller to charge Pro prices. If you’re really good and can prove it with an impressive portfolio, buyers will pay higher prices even if you don’t have the Pro badge.

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great idea thanks…