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How can one see reviews that a seller has made about buyers?


If my recollection serves me right, in the past, when a seller left feedback about the buyer, it appeared under the buyer review. I haven’t seen that lately.

  1. Maybe sellers aren’t leaving reviews much anymore?
  2. Am I looking in the wrong place? (I noticed after I left feedback, one seller left a review and comments - that I could view in the "notification section in my acct. However, I looked on their page, and the seller’s review/comments were not there.)

Any education you might impart, would be greatly appreciated! :sunglasses:


I’ve had a look at my gigs on a desktop PC, and all the replies I’ve left to buyer reviews are visible, but there was a discussion going earlier today that they might not be visible on the mobile app any more.


Hmmm… I am on my PC, so that wouldn’t apply to me.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


You can only see the sellers review (done by buyers) on their main page.

You can see the review the seller left for the buyer only in the gig page (PC, Tablets - except for iPad as confirmed by @nikavoice).

So, if you want to see your review made by sellers, go into the gig you purchased, you will see it.


oh WOW! So Simple! I see now!

Thank you!!!:relaxed:


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"I will show you how to navigate 5r.":wink::laughing:


Seriously - you’d do really well with that!


So, gig packages? Yes, no?

What to charge? What to charge?

Joking, joking . . . I really do not have time these days. I have a full time job, part time job & 5r forum is my 2nd part time job😆



You would even have proof (by these threads) that you really ARE an expert “5r Navigator”. :sunglasses:


You rock, Gina! ^5 :upside_down:
I actually giggled reading your posts hahaha.