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How can people become a millionaire on a website where services have a starting rate of $5?

Well, that’s just what you think, and probably what everyone thought a few years ago (in around 2014) When some of the sellers, taking it as a joke, made a profile on Fiverr. They started earning more than their regular job. Today, those sellers make a complete living from just Fiverr.

Here is a rough estimate of how much Fiverr earns daily:
The website has daily unique visitors of about 2,518, 092 . That’s too much buyer and seller traffic on a daily basis.

Moreover, the site makes a monthly income of more than $20,000,000 from the profit they earn by buyer fee as well as the seller order percentage they take.

Do you still think you cannot become a millionaire on Fiverr?

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I’m pretty sure it’s more like about $20,000,000 a month. Your estimate was low.

right you are, thank you

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There are millionaires stories about people who have become wealthy on fiverr. One is a voiceover actress. If you search google you can find some of them.


And (in the other hand) there are millions of people whom not earn a single penny…

There is a lot of histories of freelancers whom earn millions of $ a year (specially web developers) in many other platforms like Fiverr… you have to think about people that started in the game ten years ago, or more…

But I think in the year 2020 this kind of platforms are flooded of people and to became a millionaire is something harder nowadays.

Don’t you think so?

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No it depends on each person’s ability. Some are joining who deserve to become millionaires and will become millionaires. It’s like anything else in life. Some can do it and have the talent while there are many others who have no talent.

I personally highly doubt that I can become a millionaire on fiverr. But I’ve read a few stories of people turning in some impressive numbers monthly. The numbers that would, in theory, make them millionaires in a year or so.


Yes. Many Fiverr veterans do make a living here on Fiverr. I know a few myself. But they didn’t get there by begging on the forums, or sitting back and waiting for things to happen. They became successful (sometimes wealthy) by, taking responsibility for their gigs, marketing their services, and doing what they needed to do to BUILD their success.

You will likely fail here if you just sit back and wait. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick platform. It is a marketplace. If you want to be successful here, it will take a lot of work, sacrifice and hardship. Nothing will come easy, and nothing will be given out of charity. Hard work. Hard work. Hard work.


Jon, you always give wise advice!


I don’t know where they find the time it takes to do so many orders as they do. The voice actress does at least 20 a day. You need a crazy amount of orders to make what they earn.

The only people who become millionaires on Fiverr are people who sell cookie cutter services that take a maximum of 15-minutes to deliver.

Alternatively, you can farm out orders to other sellers and platforms.

It’s the same rule everywhere. You only get to being a millionaire by doing nothing but talking a good talk.


Though it might be easier to become millionaires by selling expensive gigs, like >$900 each (though only Fiverr Pros/studios can generally sell >=$1000 without a custom offer). And the most expensive gigs probably aren’t 15 minute cookie-cutter gigs.

Though it’s probably worth trying the 15 minute cookie cutter ones. Though the seller would need to make sure they were that, and that buyers would buy them (that there wouldn’t be too much competition) and that they wouldn’t ask for things in them that would make them too different/go over the 15 min or so mark (ie. make the right sort of gigs for that).