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How can people order more than 1 gig from me?

I am new to Fiverr and it has really taken off. I have just one issue, how can people order more than 1 gig at a time from me, without having to do it separately numerous times. I see on other peoples gigs the buyer is able to click a drop down menu and select the number of gigs, HOW CAN I? Please help I have many clients asking.

You will be able to have that option available for your clients when you get to level 1 (More about this here: levels)

until then, they have to buy the gigs separately. I know…not the best thing to tell a client, I had to do the same thing. But think of the good part: separate gigs will bring you closer to level 1 faster (multiple order don’t count separately).

Best of luck!

Good luck! Hope you get to level 1 quickly.

Great gigs, though. Will probably order one myself.