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How can save my Profile from Everyday Warning (TOS)

About 6 day ago i have to make a buyer request without Fiverr Rules and Guidelines.

Then fiverr sent me a mail that it was Violation.
Then i have to deleted this request instantly.

Now still fiverr giving me TOS warning.
How can i stop this TOS warning?

If anyone can give me best help. It will great help

The link to TOS is at the bottom of the Fiverr main page. If you Read the Terms of Service and follow them! Then you will stay out of trouble.


please contact with fiverr support center

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What’s the point? What will that achieve? Probably nothing, considering it was the OP who violated the ToS. They just have to read the ToS and follow them, as has already been suggested by @vickiespencer :slight_smile:


Thank you for great help

I got a TOS warning without knowing what I did wrong and when they told me the reason it’s not in the TOS. So it’s best to contact customer support to find out what is wrong.

So the point is that it sometimes is not easy to figure it out on your own.


I am sorry to hear that, miss C. :crying_cat_face: However, in this particular case, the OP, in their original post, has already acknowledged that they’ve violated the ToS.

The OP is already aware of the fact that they violated the ToS. However, in your case you were not aware of it. So, they are not the same case. :slight_smile:

In this particular situation, I don’t think contacting CS would serve any purpose. But, sure, the OP can definitely contact CS if they have any questions/doubts.


Go through Fiverr’s TOS, or be like me, Don’t ask for contact, don’t use terms fiverr doesn’t want, should any issue should arise between you and client, raise a dispute.

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I think OP’s question is: he understood he broke the rules and he deleted the request immediately, but he’s still getting warnings about it.

So yes. He should contact CS.

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Could you please point out where he used the word “warnings” in his original post? I don’t think he ever used the word warnings in his post (just singular: warning).

So, here’s what I think happened:

As soon as he violated the ToS, Fiverr immediately intimated him via email that he had done so. It was just a notification, not an official warning.

Fiverr then sent him the official ToS violation warning.

So, in total, I think he has only received ONE ToS violation warning for the ToS violation that he had committed. He probably panicked when he received 2 emails from Fiverr about it.

His communication skills aren’t the best. So, I cannot be sure if I understood it correctly. By asking the following question, I think he only wanted to know if he could, somehow, get rid of the ToS violation warning that he had received:

Only the OP can clarify this for us.

But, sure, as I have already mentioned before, feel free to contact CS if you want any doubts/questions answered. :slight_smile: