How can sell my gig?


Hi Everyone,
This is my gig. I need your best help to sell more.


You can help yourself by reading the articles in the Fiverr Academy.


Yes, you can help Fiverr Academy. How to more sell on Fiverr gigs.


You need to read previous post. Where are tips for seller how to selling gigs? But i think you done a mistake. Why you share your gig link here?


Hi Bro !

It’s Dk here… A newbie on Fiver(just a Day ago) but I’m pretty sure,Soon I would be
The Biggest Rockstar ever on Fiver
Seriously,I just fell in Love with it.

I have seen your gig and it’s not customer friendly.
The first thing you should do is to drop your rates and
Offer something extra within same price

The next thing you should do is to send buyer request after understanding the client details properly

Last but not the least.Dont jus give up.I think Fiver is the best ever platform for all the freelancers and if you keep on putting good effort,you will rock soon

Good luck :slight_smile:


hello, here’s some useful infos that help you to get more sells :


Advertise, advertise, and advertise.
Good ratings too


Your profile is still quite sparse. Fill it with relevant information about who you are and what you do differently.

I agree with dkdesigns99 that you need to offer something that nobody else does. Another logo designer on fiverr just adds to the massive pool that is already there.