How can sellers offer a Webinar on Fiverr as a gig?


I want to know how I can offer a webinar as a gig on Fiverr? Will this get approved? Has anybody tried this and succeeded? What are some tips and tricks?


Yes, it will get approved.

I’ve done it successfully.

Make sure that it’s necessary.

In other words, if you can “give” the same material in a less “invasive” way, you’ll be asked to do so. IE an evergreen webinar, should just be uploaded to a buyer, but a one to one consultation or a “i’ll take over your screen” needs to be more intimate.


Reply to @anarchofighter: I appreciate the information. The are several ways to do this; should I use gotowebinar or Skype? If so, how do I get around the no-skype requirements by Fiverr?