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How can sellers promote their brands and services without TOS issues?

Now that many link sharing incidents are treated as TOS violations of self promotion, how can sellers promote their own selling brand without mistakenly been warned by TOS warnings and risking it all ? What are the best methods of self promotion within fiverr for a seller ?:slight_smile:

you mean besides only linking approved sites within fiverr?


A little confusing why blogspot is ok, but wordpress is not. If you have a portfolio on some site not mentioned in the list, isn’t it simple enough to make a special “fiverr portfolio”?

or are you asking about something else?

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yeah i see youtube is here, but what if the youtube link has videos that has my contact details and all?

i mean basically any of those above can have personal details of a seller right?

hmmm… that’s a good question… does staff go into your portfolio to see what all is in there?

maybe you do need a special portfolio just for fiverr…

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thats exactly my point. no one knows if they do or not…

well, you can either promote a portfolio with personal details and hope CS doesn’t find out… oooooor, you could just make a duplicate portfolio without contact info just for fiverr


i think ill do that yeah… :slight_smile:

just include fiverr details only.

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As well as using the links kindly given by @daviddoer which are great for sending Fiverr users to, you can also create accounts on other networks to send traffic from outside Fiverr to your profile.

So you could have one YouTube channel with no outside branding to show your portfolio to Fiverr users, and another channel to send non-Fiverr traffic to your Fiverr gigs.