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How can sellers stay safe on fiverr?



We are team of designers and we provide our logo design service here on fiverr. We have been working for last 2 months with 100% rating, and now a satisfied customer how gave a nice feedback gives us 4.5 stars and our rating went down to 99%. Kindly can you guide us how to deal with such a customers or should we write in our description that " if you are satisfies with our work, kindly provide no less than 5 stars". Please advice us what to do, all our hard work just went in vain by just one feedback that might not be of any importance to buyers here . Waiting for response from fiverr community. Thanks


You can’t really do anything about that. It happens to all of us. If you search “4.5 star rating” you’ll find hundreds of posts on this forum written by people just like you. The rating system is too subjective.

The good news is a 99% rating is still very good. It isn’t going to affect your sales. While a 4.5-star rating might be annoying, it won’t do any damage to your levels or order potential.

If you’d like to, you can send one message to your customer saying if they found the order less than perfect you’re happy to fix any issues they have. But this doesn’t always work, and remember, customers HATE being hounded and told what kind of feedback to leave.


You shouldn’t worry about it. A 4.5 is a positive rating. I know some people go crazy over not seeing 100% but its kind of like an ocd thing. 99% is a good rating. I wouldn’t advise a buyer to give a 5 star because I know the last time i did that i got a 2.5! So it really didn’t help at all in my case. Buyer’s are able to rate however they see fit. I think it is weird that one of the questions is “would you buy again or recommend.” This is not a good question to review quality of service.


Thanks a lot guys , I hope that fiverr reviews its rating system again, specially " would buy again and recommended " thingy, as no one can ever tell even if a super satisfied customer will ever buy again or not. Thanks again


To a buyer a 4.5 is a nearly excellent rating. YOu are always going to have some reviews that are not all 5 stars. It happens, don’t worry about it. There is nothing you can do. Well, except for one thing. If you get a less than 5 star review, you can maybe send a very polite and simple message to them saying…I notice that you rated the gig less than 5 stars, and I wanted to make sure you are happy with the work. If there are any modifications you would like done please let me know and I would be happy to do so.

Then leave it at that if you don’t hear back and move on.