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How can we ask for live portfolio?

Hi, I had completed 20+ completed 5stars orders, but only 1 sample show up when enable live portfolio.
So my question : how can I ask the buyer to enable “ showing sample on my gig?”
Buyer sometimes don’t know theres a option for showing

Thanks in advanced


The buyer has the choice.

Yes , I know. But I’m just curious out of all 15+ different sellers . All of them don’t want to share portfolio.

Your buyers are not required to show the work you deliver to them. Some may not want other people to see the work you delivered. If you allow a portfolio option, it is entirely up to the buyer to decide if they want the work to show up in your gallery. You cannot force them to do so. The more work you deliver, the more likely it will be that some of that work will be allowed in your portfolio.

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I did ask my buyers, if there are comfortable to share their work.

They are willingly to share, but they don’t know how to share, they said that they didnt see any button for them to click. Because I;m not a buyer , so I don’t know how the buyer able to enable the portfolio.

If you allow a gallery on your gig, then there is a clearly marked check box (for visual files) when a buyer completes an order. They can check that box if they want to give permission for the work you delivered to show up in your gallery. If they choose not to check that box, your delivered work will not show up in your gallery.

Like I said, your buyers have complete control over whether the work they hired you to complete shows up in your gig gallery. It is their choice, and their choice alone.

Yes, totally agree with the buyer choice.
I think Fiverr set the option unchecked as default. And buyer will miss out on the option, if they are unaware of this feature.

So is it possible to write a friendly notice after I deliver to them saying that if you are comfortable sharing your work, please enable the option? etc…

You don’t ask. Why would you pressure your buyer to showcase your work? That’s bias. Portfolio must be based solely on the buyer’s wants.

Don’t pressure your buyers!

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Fiverr gives the buyer the option with a very clear and conspicuous message. They won’t appreciate being asked again. Also, that is a kind of pressure and coercion.

Notice that your message asks that they “please” do it. No one owes you anything. It’s rude to ask buyers to do something for you.

Note that Fiverr just notifies the buyer of the option instead of telling them to do it?

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Because some new buyers, dont know about this feature

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How could they miss it if the only way they can choose it if Fiverr offers it to them? There is no other way. They can’t miss it because it is part of the checkout process.

You’re assuming people don’t choose it because they don’t know. But that doesn’t make sense…the only way they get the option is because Fiverr notifies them.

And in your suggested offer you aren’t notifying them, you’re asking them to do it for you. That’s coercion.

Your point doesn’t make sense and it’s just an excuse to coerce buyers.

Instead of trying to find a way to coerce buyers, create work that people want to share.

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I dont really get you, because I’m never purchase thing on Fiverr, so I dont know the process. So the FIverr system will notify them whether you want the work to be show or not?

Well, I’m very confident that my work is up to their standard.

Exactly. Why are you advocating change to something without even knowing how it works? You’re complaining about a problem with the system that doesn’t even exist. You’re just assuming the reason they don’t select that option is because they don’t know. It’s arrogant.

You’re missing the point. You don’t get live porfolio.entries by coercion. People choose it because they want to display it. You’re refusing to accept that they don’t.

Supposed satisfaction doesn’t mean you get to coerce them into putting the work you did in your live portfolio. Your entitlement is concerning. Nothing makes that ethical or effective. It’s also a breach of the ToS.and people can get banned if they do this.

If people ask a buyer to add to their live portfolio they can be banned. And for good reason. It’s coercion. Read the ToS.

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I did ask my buyer, but they dont know where to enable the option.
Please see the previous screenshot

Then you either haven’t turned Live Portfolio on or your buyer wasn’t paying attention.

In any case, it’s so unethical to mention it your buyer. A bug or buyer inattention or some other issue doesn’t change that. What you did is still coercion. You only know your buyer didn’t see anything because you mentioned it.

That’s why I created this post on the forum to ask for advice. It’s similar to “buyer dont read my description” forum

If there are any miscommunication/ questions with buyer, it will be better to just ask the buyer. Dont cant mention is sample work with buyer?

You didn’t ask why your buyer may not have seen it. You asked if it was okay to coerce him into doing it. If you read the ToS you would know that is not allowed. It’s unethical.

There was no miscommunication. You brought it up with your buyer, breaching the ToS.

Which TOS have I breached? As far as I know, bring the sample work topics is not wrong. Unlike asking for reviews

You can’t talk about reviews or ask for anything related to reviews.

It’s clearly shown that you don’t read my previous comment or just don’t know what to comment. …