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How can we found orders

I have sent more than 200 requests but no reply…why?
I am so worry about it because I am expert in my field.


It is likely that you have earned no sales from those 200 buyer request responses because you have not connected to those buyers, and you have not beaten out your many competitors for the job. Show those buyers that you are, indeed, and expert, and show them how you can solve their problems through the use of your skills.

  • Did you use a standard offer template or did you answer in a personal and friendly way?

  • Did your offer include comments/options about their work (to show that at least you read their request)

  • Did you use the same style for all 200 requests? Or did you try different strategies?

These are some questions for you to think about and to see if you could do something different.

I hope it helps!


if you have sent 200 and you have no answer of any. Maybe your proposal to the buyer is not attractive enough

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Thank you so much to all…

Optimize your gig properly using buying and secondary keyword…
Share your gig on social media.
write blog post related on your niche/service and put there your gig link.
Send the buyer request professionally…

Hopefully you will get your first order very soon…

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