How can we get the first order ?!


hey everyone
I have been here for maybe one month waiting the first order
I think this problem faces all the new sellers
that the buyer can’t trust us because we don’t have rating
what can we do ??


Utilize “Buyer’s Request”.


Act on @djgodknows Reply…


I am also here for around 1 month and I do face similar problem.
It’s totally true, that people will choose top rated sellers over new seller, even I would of course go with someone who has already proven to be good. :slight_smile: But luckily there are people who are “strange” :stuck_out_tongue: enough to choose us - new sellers, so in around a month I got 3 orders.
Buyer requests are another option, but I haven’t received any order from there yet, so not luck there yet. And also there is a lot of spam “requests” there…

Best wishes!


the most buyer’s request need programmers or designers
or something I can’t do


hhhhhh I think I will take more than one month but I’m waiting now
I wish you best luck :slight_smile:


I got 3 orders at first one monther. But current, i cannot any order and message from buyer. I cannot understant.what can i do? :confused:


I think most buyers can’t trust us


Let’s assume most buyers have an average amount of common sense and a bit of curiosity to weed out the bad apples even before first contact, they can & should trust (most) of us.


maybe they can trust us but this for the lucky sellers only


Hello there! You’re not doing the crochet gig anymore?

I’m not sure that having a gig showing how to get paid apps free is going to convince would be buyers to trust you, as it does sound a bit iffy, or at least I’d think it sounded a bit iffy.


I would like to start the crochet gig but my problem is how can I teach them the crochet on skype or what , the get paid apps for free gig I thought that would be a good gig :confused:


Offering to teach somebody to get something paid for free does seem a wee bit dodgy to me, and I think the app sellers might agree?

How about putting together a pdf file with crochet lessons in it, so you’re not having to do things by Skype (which in itself can be a problem on Fiverr I believe). Then you can produce the lessons once, and sell it numerous times.


I deleted the paid app gig now

you mean that I put images on pdf file sorry but I can’t understand that ?


Put a series of lessons together in a word document, showing different stitches etc., then save it as a pdf (lots of gigs on Fiverr to do that!)

You could put in useful tips like the best size of crochet hook and yarn to use as a beginner etc. Gig extras could be patterns for babies etc. - just a thought!


If you are seeing requests for programmers or designers then you need to check your gig category because you don’t offer anything related to those categories. What you are offering is quite limited, there is a limited number of people who require it and lots of places other than Fiverr where it is easier, cheaper and that show their teacher’s qualifications.
You also need to be careful, using skype requires permission from customer service, do you have that?
Showing people how to get paid apps for free is against ToS (and morally repugnant). I would never use a seller who does that - I would think that if they do not respect the copyright of the app makers then they won’t respect mine either or will not hesitate to give me someone else’s work.
I suggest you rethink what you are offering.
Also, work on your response time, 13 hours is a long time for most buyers.


I think that would be a great idea thank you so much :slight_smile:


because I’m a new seller I have many mistakes
but These a great advises thank you :slight_smile:


I appreciate that you understand what I am saying. Making mistakes is usually ok as long as you learn from them but be careful here because some things could get you suspended or banned from Fiverr. Read the Fiverr terms of service: Focus on the Overview, Sellers and Gigs sections first and these will help you avoid big mistakes. Then look at the other parts. It is important to know this document for your own sake. If you don’t understand something, dont skip it! Find out what it means!


thank you so much for your help :slight_smile: