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How can we handle these type of clients? 1.0 review with "............."

Hi there,

This is about one of my latest reviews. I have a gig that offers 1 dry tag with 5 variations. So I got an order , delivered it as promised on time. The buyer asked a revision so I did it again… He also asked me to make the vocals robotic. I said I don’t have such a service, I only offer dry tags (Mixed if only someone asked me to mix it with a track) Then he left me a 1.0 review… saying nothing just “…”

If someone will ask something that you do not offer in your gig and if this happens to you, what can you do for that? There are so many experienced sellers in the platform… How you guys handle the situation? I mean not after the review,when you know you will definitely get something unfair in return.? Sometimes it gets tears in eyes here when we take the job too serious right? …


You have enough orders and reviews that a few bad ones wouldn’t make that much of a difference, so I wouldn’t cancel an order to avoid a possible bad review.

But if they asked a service you don’t offer before you started on the order, then a mutual cancellation would be the best way to go.

If you see that you’re getting a considerable amount of cancellations because of that it may be time to revise your gigs descriptions.

For this particular review I’d reply in a calm and professional manner that you’ve delivered the project as agreed upon and the buyer asked for a service you don’t offer as a revision.

Good luck


Thank you @urdeke for your kind message.

He asked the robotic vocals thing in the middle of the order so I couldn’t cancel it…Unfortunately, It’s not before starting the order…

Thank you for your advice. I will write him a reply in a calm and a professional way. Thank you again for your time!!!

Use your review of the buyer to tell your side of the story. At the very least, this does a service to other sellers. As soon as buyers realize that sellers are rating them, they very quickly start being more conscientious.

In this case, you could say something like:

"I’m very sorry, however, asking that I provide a different service to that which I offer mid-order, is simply not reasonable behavior. I neither offer nor advertise any kind of ‘Robotic Vocal’ service. Please consider communicating with sellers in advance if you require non-conventional services like this."


Thank you @cyaxrex for your kind message.
Yes I will definitely write a reply for him. Thank you again for what you’ve suggested and for your time as well !!!

I thought customer team will help me to remove the review that I recieved… But I didn’t get any reply… So I just posted your reply. (Copy pasted ) I think someone has done this purposly… Can CS remove a review like this?

You might have to wait a little longer for a response.
And although I have never had a bad review removed by CS, I have read it somewhere on the forum that it’s possible. You’d contact CS and explain the situation.

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He also asked me to make the vocals robotic. I said I don’t have such a service, I only offer dry tags (Mixed if only someone asked me to mix it with a track) Then he left me a 1.0 review

There’s an extra for “simple effects added… like reverbs, delays” and one for “sound effects”. What if you added effects like delays, echoes, maybe pitch etc. (maybe different effects on different tracks) to make it sound Robotic. If you found a good combination of those and good parameters for them for your software that made it sound “robotic” you could add that as an extra for the gig (assuming others were interested in that effect).

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@uk1000 For the basic gig I don’t offer that . It’s simply a dry tag as I mentioned. Also in my extras, I only provide normal effects. They are not robotic effects. Yes your idea is great… I must try that too… Thanks.

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Thank you @damdaramson!!! Yes I will wait …

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