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How can we proceed to review

The gig is now done and delivered. But it is still in revision mode. So how can we go forward to review the order and finish it? I cant find any button where to clik…

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Clarification, please:

You’re a seller, you’ve delivered an order, the buyer has requested a revision, and you’ve redelivered through the [deliver now] button, but the order still states “In Revision”.

Is the above correct?

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Where is the “deliver now” button?

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After Delivery your buyer take time to review your work and after everything fine with your delivery accept your delivery.
When Buyer Gives your review after that you got notification and submit your review about work for Buyer.
Finally You got Review from buyer.

The [deliver now] button is at both the top and bottom of the order page, but I think I’m missing some context.

You have a buyer who placed an order, and you have an order number, correct?

Or, are you talking about gig creation, and your gig is in review?

Actually Im buyer. My seller cant find “deliver now” button. The order is now in revision, and countdown timer is running. Its his first order. Thank you for information, I will advice him. The order is delivered and Im satisfied, so I would like to review that order.

Okay, that was the disconnect.

If it helps, pass this link on to your seller:

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Thank you very much!