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How can we promote gig's on social midea?

I’ve been on fiverr for around 61-62 days and have 4 orders.
I want to increase my clicks which can give me a higher chance of getting an order on fiverr.
Due to this reason anyone can suggest me on where and how should I promote my gigs?
It would be really helpful, thanks!


To be Honest no one will be able to tell you that. It is a long process of determining it that you will have to do yourself.
People study marketing for 4 years in uni and it’s silly to expect that someone on the forum will write to you to promote on Facebook and it will magically work for you.

Start from googling marketing, do market research, determine who is your target audience, what would be the main characteristics of a typical potential client and based on that you will be able to find where you are most likely to find your target audience.


Thanks for your opinion mariashetell