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How can we rank our gig? Need your Best suggestions

Hello, everyone !!

Alhamdulillah, We have a modern & professional Web-Developers and Designer team. We are working on HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, UI/UX design

We are new seller of Fiverr but we don’t get an order. I regularly come online and do gig marketing. But our gig is not rank on the first page. Please, need your valuable suggestion,



What kind of marketing?

(There is no proven correlation between marketing and ‘rank’, the Fiverr algorithm is a secret and no one knows all the factors that affect it.)


Thanks, It will be remembered.

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For gig ranking, You have to do SEO - Read this post, you’ll understand it better


thanks for your good suggestions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

please create your gig by SEO, then you can share your gig on social media.

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Thank you very much,

How does your gig look compared to the best ranked 3?

Is yours better?

If not, why not?

You don’t have reviews or a reputation yet here, so you can’t hope to outperform others with a less appealing offering.

Spend time seriously looking at those gigs. What are their titles, their descriptions, calls to action, what are their images like, what tags have they used?

Now compare those three.

Do you see any commonalities? Are they all using similar elements? if they are, that’s likely what you need to be putting in your gig.

Your images. There is no secret that the best click rate youtube videos have compelling thumbnails. Think of who your audience is -does your thumbnail conform to general best practise? Take a look at a ‘how to make a great youtube thumbnail guide’ as this will teach you some very useful transferable skills. The image is the first thing most see. Is the font big enough, is the message getting cut off etc etc

The opportunities are here, but those opportunities require more than cursory research. In order to beat better sellers, you need to work harder to make your gig appear better.

Good luck

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Beside seo and marketing…
From my experience gig ranking most of the time depends on the 5 keywords…
I would say focus on those for ranking as your main keyword for you specific services…

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@theseofairy I will follow your instructions, It’s a lot of benefit for us.
thanks for the best suggestions,

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Actually, I try my level and try to fix mistake, I know that and you are a Fullstack Developer, Can you help more about this!
@akib0079 thanks

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Find as much more people to click on your Gig share it trough social channels and must increase CTR this is how will be on top over the search results. This is common sense nothing unusual.


thanks for your good advice

thank you to all good advice I will try to get order

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Thanks for sharing. it’s helpful for newbies