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How can we release through TOS warning?


Honestly Im a new seller and i got 1 Warning for my mistake and again another warning for fiverr mistake,

1.i have delivered the order to my client and he wanted to get change the order through get refund and order again, so he request me to ask customer support to get refund after order delivered and marked as completed.

after contacting customer support he got refund but i got warning, any way can i clean my 2 warnings?
2…will i get ban if i get another warning ?

Thank you
Hope to get good answers

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Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page and you will find the answers to your questions and how not to get any more warnings.


Fiverr does not warn you when THEY make mistakes. Especially since Fiverr didn’t make any mistakes in this case. Let’s not blame Fiverr for the things you don’t like. That won’t end well for you.

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As Lloydsolutions suggested, read the Terms of Service, especially the section “User Conduct And Protection”.
Don´t do anything it says is not allowed. Don´t do other stuff that´s dubious either, like, for example, using a picture as profile picture that is not you and you don´t have the rights to use; all of those things can lead to another warning or a ban right away. Depending on what one does, one can be banned without even 1 warning, you can´t rely on a certain number of warnings, before a ban happens.

You can´t “clean” warnings. They will not show in the level evaluation criteria after 30 days, but they will remain in your account history, of course, Fiverr would be pretty stupid if they deleted that and could not see whether someone did the exact same thing already before or not.

It´s pretty easy really, read, thoroughly, and keep checking every once in a while, as Terms can and do change over time, and don´t do anything that´s not allowed, then nothing all too bad should happen.


try to deliver your upcoming orders In the time and don’t be late, and these warnings will be not consideres

How long does a warning last though? If you have one or two, will that come to haunt you after billions of reviews? Ie. You got two warnings, then months or years pass, you become TRS. Will the third one demote you?

It will either demote you or ban your account.

Even after a few years?

It doesn’t matter if you have 2 or 1 years-old warnings. You can have zero warnings and still get demoted or banned. It all depends on what rule you break and which Trust & Safety agent decides your case. I would just avoid breaking rules no matter what has happened in the past.


I thought 3 warnings means ban, any way thanks for the reply!