How can we warn others?


If we are not allowed to name names on here, then how can we warn our Seller brothers and sisters of unprofessional conduct? I am not talking about spam buyers. I am talking about rude people.

We can’t name names, but here is what I CAN do: I can advise any of you who offer writing jobs to go check out my profile. Look at the only review you will find that is 1 star, and look at my REPLY to that review. If you have any questions for further explanation, you can send me a private message.


I hope you can put your username in a way that we can simply click on it here in the forum.
There is a way you can alter that so it works that way. I wish everyone would do that actually.


I think the best I can do is what I did about directing people toward the reviews on my profile.


I saw the 1 star review but do not see your reply to it. To do that I would need to hunt through all your gigs looking at all the reviews searching for the gig it is from.

You can just post your reply here to make it easier. I just spent five minutes trying to find it.


You can totally fight this review and open a ticket with CS if you really have screenshots to prove the wrong accusations he is making.


I had to type your username into my address bar just to find your profile.
Then I had to look at your reviews in your profile and scroll down a little.
Then I saw the one star review but your reply is not listed there.
At that point I had invested enough time in the project.

Maybe someone will come along with more time to spend on it, or you could simply put the reveiw and your reply here.


My apologies. It is on my “I will help you write your novel…” gig. Here is the response to the review though. Keep in mind he said I was not very professional or punctual.

“Bull. I delivered this order within 5 days when the time limit was 10. Also, he sent me a message saying he could use the money he saved by going with another freelancer instead of me on hookers and cocaine. Don’t believe me? I have a screenshot to prove it.”


Bull. I delivered this order within 5 days when the time limit was 10. Also, he sent me a message saying he could use the money he saved by going with another freelancer instead of me on hookers and cocaine. Don’t believe me? I have a screenshot to prove it.

Dude, just put the screenshot in imgur and post it in the review. The starting off with “bull” does not help you, considering the reviewers’ accusation that you’re unprofessional. The bad review, for the sake of context:

Not very professional or punctual.

Could probably get CS to remove this actually. Who cares about warning others?


I was trying to copy and paste the comment so I could share here while you invested time in that reply.

If you didn’t want to spend time on it, why did you? Your tone is a little rude.


I don’t know. Maybe some people are empathetic and don’t want anyone else to go through the same nonsense.


lol you don’t know how to win friends here do you? I was trying to help you! I’m starting to side with the buyer actually after this. I think you calling my tone rude is not appropriate.


You’re not allowed to mention people in the TOS. There’s perfectly valid reasons for this. Nobody on this forum knows what went down: we only have your side of the story here for example. We are all quite aware that there are dreadful people on Fiverr, and naming and shaming them isn’t going to make the problem go away.

If you have an issue and believe that the review is unfair, take it up with CS. Then join the moaning party on one of the many posts where you talk about the evil buyer without naming them.

And I have to agree with @MissC… you’re not really presenting yourself sympathetically here. HTH.


There was a less abrasive way to say what you said, saying things like “investing time in the project.” I did not realize the response to his review did not come up on the gig only and not the main profile. It was a simple mistake, not something purposely done to make you waste time on a “project.”


OH, and FWIW, I am the undisputed Forum Queen when it comes to getting bad reviews removed.

Mainly because I just invented that title so it hasn’t fallen into (dis)repute. But that’s besides the point. Take it to CS. If they’re as shit as you think they are, they might get banned. Which is what you really want, isn’t it?

Anyway, let’s see that screenshot! Don’t forget to edit out the names…

Or we can just squabble about rudeness, that’s cool too.


Nice idea but you should also mention the gig as well so that we can see your reply. As misscrystal said, this is hard to search all of your gigs.


We’ve done the reply! Now we’re waiting on that promised screenshot!


Exactly. The most sensible person on this forum. Hats off to you. :slight_smile:


I guess we’re not going to get that screenshot.

Pity. I really want to see how the conversation went down with the buyer now. Here’s another (5-star) review not long before:

After a few initial hiccups where there was a lack of communication and clarity, Steve came up with an engaging piece based on the resources I shared with him. Although I was skeptical, he assured me that he would get it right and he followed through on his commitment. I will be using Steve for upcoming projects and highly recommend him.

Feedback response:

After clearing up some misunderstanding about what was to be expected, the buyer was willing to give it another shot. He was very patient and willing to give the gig another chance. I look forward to working with him in the future.


There have been multiple people making the request for the feature to be able to show buyer ratings on buyer profiles. Until then, I don’t know if there is any other way to notify other sellers about a bad buyer.

I think, you can still notify Fiverr CS about it and if he happens to have a pattern of bad behavior and incurs many flags, maybe he might get banned or something. There’s no fool proof way of insulating sellers from bad buyers. Hopefully your potential buyers could see through the malicious comment and still hire you :slight_smile: