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How can we works by one ID for a group members?

Please give me the following solution:
I have a group with three members and I am leader of this group. My group members are expert on different type of works like, graphics design, IT support and Web developer. We want to communicate from one fiverr ID. So, can I create different type of GIG from one ID and Will it be the job of the professionalism? Please give me the solution.


Yes, you can. And you can also mention in your profile description that you’re a team, to make it clear to potential buyers.


will need to share/write down team member’s personal informations?

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What do you mean by personal information?

you will be lucky if fiverr promote your three services.


pictures, email ids, phone numbers etc

Read Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

It’s strictly forbidden to share personal contact information. Or to communicate outside of Fiverr.


So It means I can doing everything from one ID and one person. Like withdrawn money, given Bank information and communication. Is it right?

You will be lucky to get orders as new sellers. Anyway, the best is just one of you to be the leader and share the withdraw (when you transfer to your PayPal).

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The person who manages the account and logs in/logs out should provide the ID. The one who communicates with buyers, delivers orders, withdraws earnings, etc.


Yes, I have my husband work with me and I clearly say so on my profile. But it is my e-mail, withdrawal method and ID that Fiverr has.

I agree with @lenasemenkova. She gave you good advice.


1st starts a certain skills category. Add gigs of other skilled sections when you get some reviews.

I manage a team. The important thing is that the point of contact (so, the person who does the talking with clients, logs in on Fiverr, withdraw the money, etc.) is the same. Basically, one of the team members will be the manager, and own the account, and relay with the rest of the team. That person is the only one that needs to have their ID verified by Fiverr, etc.