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How can we write a professional buyer request?

The famous quote is “Change Your Words = Change Your World:world_map:

Before telling the way of write a professional buyer request. Make sure you not write anything that you actually not know. In clear words i tell you “Never lie”.

A) For write a professional buyer request, Follow these steps:

  1. Read complete description of buyer request.
  2. Try to divide his question in 3 parts, Such as “what he say about his business” “What is problem” “What he want from seller”

B) Now write your bid, Follow these steps:

  1. Hi, hello.
    I completely read your request, you need …
    You need this …
    I am familiar with these type of projects, In which you have a problem …

  2. In step two, briefly describe solution that in your mind for his issue.

  3. Give him you offer, like how much you charge and how much days you can complete this task.

  4. Feel free to talk about my offer. I am in your service, feel free to place an order!

  5. Best Regards


within 1 minute proposal submit minimum 40-50 so if i read details buyer request & don’t copy paste my offer so i need minimum 3-4 minutes & that time submit proposal minimum 60-70. I think buyer didn’t read after 10-15 proposal. What you think about this?

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According to my experience, the buyer can filter by using “shift f3” and finalize exact match offers. The experienced buyer easily capture copy-paste offers and put in side, they not focus on it.

However by accurate proposal i win number of bid. And before that, by copy paste type bid, i got order but not complete customer work as his need. In result the order was canceled.