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How can you get good review?

If you can make happy to your buyer then buyer give you a good review. So you need to follow the instructions bellow.

  1. Must be need to good communication with buyer.
  2. Timely and fast communication.
  3. And then at first clear about buyer requirements.
  4. If you clear that you can do the job perfectly with buyer requirements then create order.
  5. To be honest and do not try to any cheating.
  6. Trusty is most important for a good review.
  7. You should be always try to give your buyer extra facitilies.
  8. If you can not completed the work in actual time then please request your buyer extend the time and must be tell him modesty.
  9. Do the work perfectly and give delivery the order.

I hope that this is helpfull for you
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mostakinrahman(fiverr sellar)


@mostakinrahman .Thanks a lot for share this advice’s :crossed_fingers:

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you are welcome @djwaruna