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How can you get orders everyday ? Tips for all of you and newbie

Hi fiverr’s how are you all ? hope so fine do you know you can get buyers everyday also or you can start your sales, you know fiverr have an option in there webpage this option will be know as BUYER REQUEST. You can sale in this option you know what guys in buyer requests people come and post there needs, when they post on fiverr what they need then go to that option and when you see any post and you see you can do this job very well from others so there is an option on this post SEND OFFER
you can send them offer and please describe your gigs very well or your sale then you can start your sales everyday without getting offer you can now offer to someone that you are selling your services to them if you don’t know where it is this option

i will explain it follow the step :
first : log in into your fiverr
second : you can see your profile pic on right side of webpage
third click on your name you can see a option there selling
fourth : click on selling
fifth : there will be so many more option scroll down when you click on selling
sixth : there is an option of buyer requests open this
seventh : now you can see so many post; now select most appropriate job for you
eight : now send offer when you send offer there a message will be pop up to describe your offer to your buyer …
explain your offer very well with example i promise buyer will select you
ninth : when you send your offer wait for his reply or they will order you or if they don’t offer you then send to others

NOTE: there were only 10 offer fiverr offer to you in your account
you get only 10 offer to send buyers in a day

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@prateekar01996 impressive Article For Newbies !

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thank you so much @king_of_kings



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@syedsimanta03 your welcome and I know you know about this already …
but I post this for new seller who is suffering

Nice article for new sellers. thanks very much!!


no need @logokings123 thank to you that you comment on my post

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Thank you very much. Great post to newbie.

Thank you very much. Great post.

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thanks for share , its very helpful us

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It’s interesting to see what impact a catchy title does. I give you that, seen all the positive feedback you get.
What is also interesting is that you (at the time of writing) have not done any sales yet, and therefore don’t have sales every day. Yet you can give others advice how to achieve just that.
I think people are funny :slight_smile:

yeah you are right @mariokluser … if someone didn’t know about it i want to tell them what there is in fiverr ?
if i didn’t grow up so it doesn’t matter i can’t grow others one and one more thing sir you did great jobs but did you get real success because you are saying to me i didn’t sell yet but giving advice for example do you know what is doctor works they consults others but can you ever see doctor doing there operation with there own … yeah you are right people are funny
because there is two point of view … and always remember sir if you can help someone so do it
and don’t make anyone feel demotivate if you can’t motivate someone there are so many people want just one finger to come out from some **** and from ocean of black water they want great life i am just telling them if i can’t do it … do don’t think you can’t do it …
and one more thing i made this id 3 days ago …
and you don’t know about me how much i earn from this already have a great day mr. @mariokluser

Wow this forum is very very nice… thank you for this information now I know where to start this is a huge help to any starter…

thank you so much for this!!

I know exactly how much one earns from zero sales. The math isn’t very difficult. You don’t need to be very academic to do it.

Say something nice Mario, go easy on the kids :slight_smile: