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How can you promote logo design services?


How can i promote my logo design services here. What can i do besides linking my FB to my fiverr account and posting on gropus?
Thank you

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You might want to read this:


Hy i read it its interesting. But im looking at the moment for free advertising. If i were to advertise on Blackhat world why would i need fiverr for why should i give them a part of my profits

In that case you need to find ways to advertise your gigs for nothing. Which social media platforms are good for advertising image based products and how can you find potential buyers there?

Not expecting an answer BTW - just trying to help! :sunny:

So all i can do is join some FB groups and start posting willie nillie in groups for new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs

I wouldn’t suggest posting willie nillie anywhere! :wink:

Is FB best for images? Are there better platforms you could choose?
the the rest of us how to do it!
It’s entirely up to you where you post. What kind of business needs a logo?

Social media promotion is a huge subject, and you can’t expect to learn it on here - have a Google search - there’s some great info out there. :sunny:

Added - you don’t seem to have any gigs up, but your profile says you’re a social media expert - you should be telling the rest of us how to do it! :wink:

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It’s not his real skill, that profile seems to be a test.

Oh that poster - well it all makes complete sense now, of course! :wink:

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I don`t know how to do social media without money and get results. I started learning illustrator i know at least 3 people who bought a logo from here so it seems like a good path.But how do i do it for free?? The question remains

If I were you, I’d get your gig/s up first, only offering what you are confident you can deliver. If you don’t then you’ll have disappointed buyers.

Glowing reviews and excellent work first before you think about promoting off Fiverr.

Other posters may think differently - this is only my opinion of course. :sunny: