How Can You Promote Your Gig On Social Media


We can promote our gig in short time following these tricks and tips you all enjoy it and get success as soon as possible. read carefully.

We can share Our gig in Social media, daily active on Fiverr Forum, Post on fiverr forum and daily send 10 buyer request offer from your fiverr account.

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How to promote your gig on social media

Is it just me or do a lot of these seem like spamming rather than marketing? Posting random gig links in the youtube/twitter/facebook comment section just seems like directionless spamming.


If you want to share your gig link in youtube video comment your need to watch those video and then say something about those video and add your gig link with coment otherwise your comment will stay here as a spam comment.


Nice question!

I have followed the way what Fiverr actually recommends to promote Fiverr Gigs. Sharing gigs on social media is the most effective way as well like sharing on-



As we all already known that Facebook is the most popular and top rated social media, so you should promote your Gigs here to get more impression. Just share your Gig links to Facebook groups.


Successful Graphic designers use Twitter for Gig promotions. You can try it too. Find your target audience and research about hashtags, share links with pictures etc.


You can use pinterest for Gig promotions. If you don’t know how to use pinterest, then you can take some idea from google.

But you should maintain a standard quality to create Fiverr Gigs first. If you have quality, surely you can sell your Gigs. The quality of your product and price is also important, because buyers always prefer qualities. If you have standard quality Gigs with best product in a good price, you can BOOOOM!!


Yes, bro you are right at first we should need to give attractive looking to make a gig for catch our client. then we promote our gig using social media. And I know we get 3 socials share button facebook, twitter and linkedin when we open our gig but I just describe here how can we share/promote our gig properly in social media and what kind of social media.


Nah, I still think that’s a spam comment. You’re commenting and watching the video with the express purpose of eventually linking to your own gig.


The problem with groups like this is that everyone in the group are sellers. So your gig promotion may fall on deaf ears. So it’s just a waste of time and the traffic you get is just some sellers checking out their competitors.


Our need view, click and impressions from facebook that can help ranking our gig up position from fiverr. and we find buyer at fiverr not facebook. so I think we didn’t waste time.


This is not likely to help your gig “rank up” like you think it will. Gigs that perform well, usually show up higher in search results. Fiverr wants buyers to see the gigs that make money. Just because people are looking at your gigs, does NOT make them successful gigs. You need to convert those people looking at your gigs into sales.

Until you do that, your gigs are not successful in Fiverr’s eyes. Fiverr wants to make money. Earn sales on your gigs, and more people are likely to see them.

Traffic doesn’t matter unless it is converted into sales.


really informative article for sellers


I agree with previous community members that you’re basically teaching how to spam in social media, but feel free to prove us all wrong.

If in a month you get some sales through this method then we know that it actually works in some rare cases. :slight_smile:


I am totally agreed with @uxreview!