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How can you request an extension on the order time?


I have a customer that placed an order, and I only have two days to finish it. Something I need from the customer cannot be uploaded until the individual gets back in a week. How can I request an extension on the order?


So you are not in communication with the buyer during this time at all? Did you discuss this beforehand? You will need to deliver something by the due date with a note that it will be completed when you get the additional information you need. There is no way to extend the deadline.


Thank you for your response misscrystal. Yes, I sent communication to the buyer the same day as the order or as early as next day. I thought about delivering it anyway, but it will be marked complete won’t it within 3 days after I deliver it? The customer finally responded to my inquiry and said it would be a week before they get back.


Sounds like it’s time to cancel the order and invite them to re-order when they return. That’s pretty rude on them to do.


It will be marked complete but as long as your buyer understands and agrees to accept the full delivery later when he returns then go ahead and deliver something and then do the work when he comes back. Make sure he agrees to this first.

If not then you will need to cancel the order.


Thank you for the responses.


You might want to consider cancelling the order for now. Your buyer can always place a new one when he gets back.