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How can you sell if you never respond?

[user names removed. Sheriff’s note: please do not call out users on the forum]

If you want to sell, the first thing you should do is answer to a buyer.


I dont agree with you.

Some days waiting? Are they all on holiday leave?

How can they promise to deliver within 24 hours if it takes already a several days to a week to respond?

So that promise cant be kept already.

I think it is simply ignoring. Why? I’ll explain.

I bought FB likes, was delivered fast. So rated her/him positive.

But the likes disappear 30-60 a day!!!

So do I have the right than to ask, why this is happening and when this will stop??

So I did, wrote several times, not one answer.

That made me decide to change my positive rate into a negative rate.

GUESS what??.. suddenly she/he could write me, not an answer to my question, but only BEGGING to take my negative rating away.

So I am very sure she/he read my messages too!

Is that normal?? If you behave like this, you dont belong here, that is my opinion.

From the other ones I wrote, still no reaction.

I guess they make so much money here that they are on the Bahamas every second week. I have no other explanation :slight_smile:

Well, first of all you have to know what call out sellers and buyers names is not allowed here on forum, so please remove their names and make your post general or it could be deleted from sheriffs.

That said, I should think that you contacted these sellers some day ago; if not, give them the time to asnwer: not every seller works full-time on Fiverr; consider that we had weekend and maybe these sellers have their families and committments…

In short: if you contacted them one or two days ago, just wait another day (a business day) so that they can answer your questions.

Naturally, in the meanwhile you can write some other seller and finally decide who is the best for you!

Reply to @rhessing: Are you honestly surprised your FB likes disappeared? You bought them for $5, what do you expect? Social networking isn’t about quantity, it’s about quality.

Like the old saying goes: you get what you pay for.