How Cancellation Rate and Fiverr Warnings Effect on Sellers Badges


Hi Today am here to explain you some grate words which you never seen before.

So my main concern is on Fiverr Level Badges Every one wants to get Levels Badges on Fiverr …yes you can get but you need to stay safe just follow up these simple instructions.

1 - Keep your Response Rate between 1 hour - 2 hours

2 - Always be kind with buyer so they will be happy and gives you great review.

3 - Never go for Order cancellation because it will effect your Fiverr account status it might hurt you in future. so try to have good work and always complete Orders you pickup.

4 - Keep your Gigs Updates and Trending Just Make them SEO Perfect .

5 - Always Give excellent Work yo your buyer.

Thats It.



IMO, taking a cancellation is much better than doing a shoddy job when a buyer orders and asks you to do something you know you’re not capable of doing well or at all.


Order cancellation comes in handy when there’s a misunderstanding in the gig description and the buyer orders right away without clarifying at first. That’s how it did for me. :slight_smile:


@kjblynx you are right but Do Check the Terms and Services you will get the main point as on my account this happened that why i tired to explore to other so other also aware of it.


yes @emasonwrites and @kaicastle you both are right many time buyer order before clearing. that cause misunderstanding and then a final end cancellation


Mutual cancellations dont effect ratings, right??


@kjblynx Thanks Dear…


Reply to @kjblynx: In my previous experience, I noticed whenever I did a few or mutual cancellations at a time, my gig rank would lower.


I WANT to know that when we sellers, request for a mutual cancellation but buyer dont accepts it by hand and it will auto cancel in 48 hours. will this affect our rating?


Reply to @abidagfx: This has been asked before and is a very good question. To my knowledge a cancellation is not mutual if the buyer does not respond and therefore it could affect your ratings/rankings/levels. Personally I think that is really harsh and penalizes sellers when the buyer may have mis-ordered. I think there are 2 things that would help sellers and confused buyers. These are just ideas I and others have proposed to Fiverr but got no response.

In my opinion, a seller should have an option to refuse an order in the 1st 24 hours. That would give attentive sellers a chance to decline or accept orders. If the seller doesn’t catch it in 24 hrs the clock should start after that.

I think that when a seller asks for mutual cancellation once the clock starts, there should be a different process. Instead of negative auto cancellation in 2 days the buyer should get an automated warning at the 2 day mark. The warning should inform the buyer that if they do not decline or communicate with 24 more hours the cancellation will be a no-fault cancel and refund that has no negative effect on buyer or seller. It makes no sense for the seller to bear all the blame for purchase mistakes or poor buyer/seller matches.


Reply to @kjblynx: I agreed & confirmed it with Fiverr customer support, when someone ordered me by mistake. Mutual cancellation doesn’t affect anything.

fonthaunt said: It makes no sense for the seller to bear all the blame for purchase mistakes or poor buyer/seller matches.

100% agree with you. for me buyer ordered me and send me pdf file when i see there was written in the file and scanned poorly, it was unread able for me. i informed buyer but he did not respond i sent him cancel request and he dont responding at request. seem totally buyer fault.
But i dont know why it should affect on the rating. Some times buyer placed order that may be total non related, and he even dont respond for cancel request. So where is our 'sellers' fault? so why they will have their rating down? makes no sense.



Mutual cancellations DO impact seller levels. They DO NOT impact rating.

Top Rated Sellers have been receiving account warnings for too many MUTUAL cancellations (saying that we are at risk of losing our level)



Reply to @kjblynx: You are wrong.

Mutual cancellations do not impact rating.

They do impact level.

A number of TRS have received account warnings for too many mutual cancellations.


what happens when a buyer orders a gig but never sent instructions or a script how does that affect the seller?

escobarl said:
  • what happens when a buyer orders a gig but never sent instructions or a script how does that affect the seller?

All cancellations have the potential to impact a seller's level.

Even if the cancellation does not go through.


I had 2 gigs ordered on one of my gigs over the last thirty days.

One offered mutual cancellation. I declined. Cancellation rate on that gig is 50%. The system is flawed. It still counts, even if the order is not cancelled :)


Reply to @ryangillam: Thanks.


That is not a fault of seller when order gets automatically cancelled after a mutual cancellation has been initiated. So seller shouldn’t get any negative impact rating or level.
This is my opinion.


Unfortunately, these situations can be very unavoidable. I’d say, just the your best folks.


I seem to have delivered late by requesting a mutual cancellation, which the buyer said he wanted. I went ahead and delivered the order when the buyer did not respond. I am trying to understand how this is a late delivery.
There was no clock running, just a mutual cancellation request that went unanswered.