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How cancellations affect the buyers

We know there are some buyers who like to get things done for free. They just send a cancellation request after the job is done. Sellers like to avoid the CS due to the consequences it might cause, so they simply accept the cancellation request. This definitely will affect the seller, but does it affect the buyer in anyway?

If the buyer goes to another seller and does the same and keeps on going like that, getting his job done and cancelling the job and moves to another seller and repeating the process. They simply get the things done without paying a dime.

Does Fiverr identify these buyers and ban them?
How can we the sellers identify them, since there is not cancellation rate for buyers?
Why we are not given the option to block someone from contacting us and and to block them from ordering again?

Thank you

:frowning: I’m having that problem rigth now, this person it’s the second time that cancell me and the work it’s done, I talked to her and did everything she asked me for the job, I send it the way she wanted :confused: and that affects me because I can’t use the avaiable now shes trying to cancell me again :frowning: I hate this! and she is a very bad customer, she offends me :frowning:

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It is so sad we have to go with this even after so many years.

Yeah the saddest thing it’s that the girl took revenge cause I couldn’t do a job that she need it, I was busy so I told her so :confused: thats why she did this again :confused: when she is happy I should be and when she is mad well… I’m screw

well , report her may be ?

I would say no need to be mean, but this is also a pretty old thread. rachelmess probably isn’t even keeping track anymore.


Hi well fiverr told me that I was cancelled and I have to deal with it so I did it and block the girl

The design was what se wanted actually she liked it and she was happy at the same time she told me about the other job I couldn’t do and that’s when she got mad and cancelled actually she told me stuff lile I was dumb and stuff lile that she was really mad

I did it , I don’t know what happen with her

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Good to hear that you resolved the issue, at least!