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How change GIG Price

I want to submit a new GIG, but it is set on $5 by Dflt, Please guide me how i can change my GIG price $5 to $15

You would need to add it as a gig extra, Just add in the description of the gig that gig extras would need to be purchased.

You can’t - it’s called Fiverr for a reason. You have to offer something for $5 per the TOS.

Best bet is to change your gig titles.

For example,

‘Offer quality backlinks’ instead of 'Offer 1000 quality backlinks’

Then in the gig body put…

'1 x $5 gig gets you 100 backlinks.

For just $10 more (using a $10 gig extra) you can get 1000 quality backlinks’

This is how you could get your $15 for the same service.

Learn how to use gig “extras” effectively.

After a delivery is made and buyer wants modification, can the price be modified too?

No. Once purchased, the prices of what has been purchases are set. You cannot change the purchased services after someone has already purchased them.