How change price from 5$ to 10$?


I’m new here and I want to offer a gig for $ 10 not $ 5 , How ???


You cant change the Gig price but there have opportunity to sell multiple gigs in same order… so you may get much more from a single gig


You have to gain Levels :slight_smile:


You can’t change the price, you only can add extras to increase the value of your gig, but the basic gig is five dollars always


You cannot. You can offer gigs extras after achieving Level 1.


This is not the right section to ask question.

As for your question, you have to reach to level 1 onwards for the additional price changes.


you need to be a level one seller by completing at least 10 orders within 30 days


No way! You can’t change the price amount


Reply to @madmoo: where is this option to add extras?


Reply to @lamprosk: It’s in your gig editing page. You’ll see it if you edit it again.