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How check my activity new fiverr forum

Tell me how check my activity new forum? I can’t check that.

Maybe it appears also near the profile in the top? Or not?
Later edit: it seems that for now there is no such option:) that is bad:)
The tech guys work on it:)

This is important that we can see our activity on our own threads. Please tech guys work on this.

Thumbs up if you agree.

You can’t, as far as I can tell. The old forum was awful for this functionality too, so I like to think that some tech wizard at Fiverr HQ is magicking up a dreamy new system. Seems unlikely, though.

Hi there,

There are currently a few threads on this, this section is planned and in the development process.


I just came into ask the same question on Fiverr FAQ Forum. Hopefully, they will get a solution for this, otherwise I would say that the old forum was much better. That was the most crucial option in the whole forum.

I believe they are already working on it. It’s funny that one of the world’s biggest online company made such a mistake.

Thank you all for your advice.

yes I am almost no longer using the forum as I can’t keep track or get a notification when someone answers and I don’t bother in going to look for the thread again, it would make a huge difference if we can either get a notification when someone answers or somehow we can keep track of the threads we are included into. It’s the only forum I know which doesn’t include this option :slight_smile: