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How come my Fiverr profile picture is blurry?

This is regarding my profile picture. I placed a high quality clear image of 250x250 px in size into my profile, but when I place it in there, it turns out blurry. It isn’t that way when I open up the image on my laptop. I’m not sure why it turns blurry once I place the image as my profile picture on Fiverr. What am I doing wrong and how can this be fixed? :frowning:


Try using a larger image with more pixels.

Pulling something up from another thread that answered this question:

“The files need to be in JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP • 50MB file limit, 550 width and 370 height. The quality of the photos you display will influence customers and we kindly ask you to choose the highest quality available.
I’d recommend doubling this to 1100 x 740 to get better resolution."

250 x 250 seems pretty small. I do also wonder if Fiverr compresses images so they’re not slow to load (I know other sites like Amazon seem to show lower res images for books, etc. on their pages).

In any case, a larger original image would be a good starting point.