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How come my gig does not show up?


I created a new gig sometime ago and it even got a sale. The problem is the gig does not show up in the search results when looking for it as a buyer. I now have two gigs Horror and nsfw, it is the nsfw that is a no show in the search results despite having a sale…

Does anyone have an idea why this is happening ?


It happened the same to me! I created 3 gigs and i only see one if i look for them as i buyer.
I appreciate someone help!

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It seems to be a common problem that Fiverr has lately. It would be nice to hear from an admin about it to let know users that they are working on a fix.


These articles may help you .

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It is probably due to the adult nature of the gig you are offering.

If you search on fiverr forum, you could see many seller are talking about that, it’s maybe fiverr technical issues because some of experienced seller who has 1k+reviews are facing the same issues… :neutral_face:

One of my gig was first page and I got regular sale, suddenly my gig disappeared from fiverr search results and I’m not getting any new client, order or messages from last two month. :disappointed_relieved:

I doubt it, there are countless of nsfw gigs showing up when you search for that term.

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You can always check with Customer Support for clarification.