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How come price changes from buying to paypal?


Good Morning,

I just went to buy an animated logo and the price jumped from what was advertised on the seller’s page when I went to Paypal. I am a UK buyer, if that makes a difference. I just don’t think it’s fair if the prices are inaccurately advertised. Or am I not checking/clicking something when I should be?

Thank you.


You need to specify the price margin it jumped. If the price is advertised as 5$ the you pay 6$. The 1$ is a processing fee.


It said there was an 80p processing fee, on top of the cost, but then it jumped up another £1 approximately on top of that - without explanation.


Could it be VAT? 20 chars


That’s a possibility. But why is it added on by Paypal? Shouldn’t fiver put that on when they add the processing fee?


PayPal knows you live in the UK, Fiverr doesn’t?


That’s true. Maybe there’s something I can edit on my profile that might tell me if that’s the case when I next go to pay.