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How come some buyers don't leave feedback?!

I can’t understand why a buyer would not leave a feedback… at all… Even if negative, or at least say something!

As a new seller, it’s hard to pump up the live portifolio when people just don’t leave any feedback - Fiverr just marks it as completed, as their feedback time was over…

Also it’s hard to know whether they liked it or not, and that’s the most important part of the feedback, at least for me.

So please, buyers, don’t forget to leave a feedback before due!


Reply to @beatcraigslist: Whoa how will customer service react to that? I think they will check if the feedback is justified or not.


I thought I read somewhere on Fiverr not leaving feedback gives the seller a negative rating, anyhow It would be nice If there was an automatic prompt to encourage buyers to leave feedback seeing as Fiverr sellers are promoted depending on feedback…


Some people don’t know or Dont care. Some leave it open as a bargaining chip so they can come back later and ask you for more with the threat of a potential negative feedback. If you think the feedback closes when the gig is completed, you are sadly mistaken. They can come back 6 months from now and say “Could you do this for me? I really dont want to leave you a negative feedback” They can still do it many, many months later. Feedback never closes until it is actually written by the buyer.


I started reminding people when I submit their order “Don’t forget to rate…”, and it has seemed to help. If that doesn’t work and I really want the project to show in my portfolio, I drop them a direct message, and am frank about it. I say, "Could you rate my service so your project shows up in my preview pane…"

Ratings on here, are everything to me.


I fell the same way, I have a writing gig(s) and am always…freaking out about how I did and like to hear something back! I have a letter I copy and paste, saying thanks and if you need tweaks and please leave feedback!


@beatcraigslist whoa I didn’t know that… I mean, never bought anything here, so why bother knowing how feedback (as a buyer) works… I thought it was like eBay, if you miss the deadline to actually give a rating, you can’t do it at all afterwards… thanks for the heads up!

to everyone, thanks for replying… it is frustrating as a new seller to “beg” for rating, I haven’t done that (yet), and like @thisisrealnifty said, the live portfolio “excuse” is better than begging. and I DO need to show up stuff on the live portfolio…

by the way, when does one level up here? I got 10 positive feedbacks in less than a month here, still at level 0…

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You don’t need to ‘beg’ for a rating… I always leave something personal in the body of the delivery and then I put this…

Here is the reading in a PDF file, with a picture of the spread included. If you need anything clarified or if I did not satisfy your expectations, please let me know so I can fix it! Thank you again for letting me read for you!

I also appreciate any positive feedback you’d be able to give me, as it always brightens up my day and opens the doors for my future here on Fiverr.


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Totally agree with the OP on this one. It’s just rude and inconsiderate to not at least click the thumb up/down and say thanks. Takes 6 seconds.

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The worse thing for me, about not leaving feedback, is that it takes a further 3 days for Fiverr to automatically mark the gig as complete - bumping the whole withdrawal process to 17 days.

However, Fiverr now updates these statuses, from my observations, once a day. So, if you fall the wrong side of this time, it can take a total of 19 days for your funds to clear if a buyer doesn’t leave feedback.


Reply to @madmoo: Wow!

I don’t understand why it is 14 days, or even 3. As a buyer can leave a negative anytime, can reject the order and can always contact customer support with issues.

In my experience, if a buyer hasn’t left feedback within 36 hours, then they usually don’t before the gig auto completes. I often receive feedback days after actually delivery (although we are not notified by that).

That being said, and with a 14 day clearing period anyway, why do we need to wait a minimum of thee days? I think this should either be removed, or atleast reduced to 24 hours.

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Reply to @madmoo:

Thanks for that, you have being a big help to us

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Feedback is totally optional, so no one HAS to leave feedback although it is nice when they do! I don’t like to hound buyers for feedback as I feel it is awkward to even bring it up.


I think getting feedback is great and like Moo, when I don’t get feedback, I often “check in” to see if all was ok and of course, give the buyer feedback. This will often get them to go ahead and do so back.

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Reply to @hellographic: Nope, it is treated like any other feedback you receive at any time. If it is negative, the seller must resolve the issue with the buyer. If the buyer doesn’t respond, the negative stays


Just as we keep saying, some may not just know… other’s knows but won’t just want to. From experience you can just put it in your delivery process that you’ll appreciate it if they do so.



Well some gigs need time. I can’t rate after the delivery is ready for some products. Sometimes I don’t give a vote because the service was poor but anyway because I’m cool I don’t give negative… just skip it

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most of the orders placed, I have redone/changed something, and then it’s all good. but there are some who simply won’t say a thing afterwards…

anyways, I was really ranting because I’m new seller and feedbacks (both positive and simple saying “hey that’s what I wanted”) are really indispensable. never really begged, and always state if there’s something I can do to make it better and whatnot.

if the service was poor like @tophi said, well then at least the buyer should say “hey never mind, I guess your service won’t cut it etc”, and I believe the “negative” is suppose to be a “bad shopping experience” and not a simply “didn’t like it” - because when buying something, you should read the description and understand what the seller can and cannot do. if it wasn’t stated, then yeah that could be a bad shopping experience…

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Reply to @madmoo: and I was complaining (to myself) about the ~17 days to get my $3.92 when there was no feedback left…

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My main gig has 1,300 feedback, but I’ve actually completed over 2000 sales - this is partially annoying, as I would love the 2,000 number on the gig. However, I have received and “guessed” numerous reasons for not leaving feedback, including but not limited to:

  1. The buyer grabbed their order and opened it offsite - instantly reading through and using it for their purpose - taking them offsite completely. Sellers are onsite all the time, buyers are not, so this is understandable.

  2. The buyer leaves feedback, but as a message, not a thumbs up (this has reduced since they redesigned the delivery message)

  3. The buyer is indifferent to what they received, so choose to say nothing.

  4. The buyer just doesn’t realise, or forgets.

  5. Although you have marked it as complete, buyers may not check Fiverr regularly and may leave feedback at a later date

  6. Some buyers never ever return after the initial purchase, crazy to think, but it happens. I think they may just forget.

  7. The buyer has follow up questions, or wants to work with me further, opening a messaging thread and leaving their first order.

  8. The buyer wants to leave it open for future purposes. This has never happened to me, but I understand some buyers do this to blackmail?

  9. The buyer never received the email about the gig being completed. Thus, they check back at a later date (or not at all), and you receive feedback accordingly.

  10. The buyer plans to order more, or orders a bundle of gigs, and only leaves feedback on one - as writing on numerous can be a pain. This has cut down with extras and the ability to order in larger increments, but it still happens - especially for unlevelled sellers.

  11. The buyer doesn’t want their work showing in the live portfolio, and doesn’t realise it can be removed from the feedback.

  12. The buyer is a reseller, and doesn’t want their username/handle associated with a gig. Remember, usernames are usually the same across multiple websites. As a business, you may not want you customers being able to see you are outsourcing work for just $5

    I never chase a buyer for feedback. However, if they order again in the future and leave feedback, I do ask them to do the same for any past order (and provide “their” url to the exact order(s), but only if we have a good dialogue, not everyone is informal.

    I have heard from others, chasing up feedback can sometimes result in feedback being left, but it can also end in buyers feeling pressured and forced.

    The only indication I give to feedback, is when I complete the order. I write something along the lines of:

    “I am now marking this as complete. If you are happy, could you kindly do the same by leaving a review. If you have any issues, questions or changes, please message me before leaving a review”.

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