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How come some persons get through to post in the buyers request area?!

Sooooo yeaaaaaaaa… Don’t Promote yourself in the buyers request area but while scrolling through you notice many promoters there and getting how many offers sent to them. So out of curiosity you disobeyed yes I was wrong but then my account gets banned and gigs cancelled what about the monies in my account do they disappear too? And all my hard work and sometime late nights going to bed where does this money go to paypal or to nought???

#Annoyed (S0me shouldn’t be getting through while others get punished for well trying to survive to) Just saying.
But seriously explain why some are seen as approved others rejected and yow where does the money in your account go?

How do you know those who get through aren’t getting notifications of violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service? Just because they’re able to post, doesn’t meant that they aren’t receiving any repercussions. Plus, I’m confused on what you mean by losing money. I just looked at your account, and you have no reviews for proof of sales. To top it off, you just started an account. A lot of your questions are a bit premature.

It’s easy, don’t violate the rules and you’ll be fine. Don’t worry about what others do.