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How consistent has Fiverr been for you?


I have only been selling on Fiverr since January and have experienced constant and rapid growth. But I am interested to find out from sellers that have been selling for a long time (1 year+), how consistent have your Fiverr sales been? Are you confident in banking on a reasonable monthly estimate?


It’s not good to compare a salary job to self employment. It’s just different. At about 2 years, Fiverr ebb and flows like any other self employment income has done for me. But with Fiverr, I don’t see the dips at Christmas and January like I see in my local business. I have to pause gigs on Fiverr to control the amount of work and inquiries I receive.

The safest most conservative thing to do is to have 3-6 months buffer of funds. Base this years spending on last years income.


That’s a toughie. I know I’m gong to make money every month from Fiverr but how much may vary from month to month. I think the saddest stories I hear on Fiverr is those who say they quit their regular jobs for Fiverr and all of a sudden their earnings take a nose dive. Maybe some TRS feel differently and it is more reliable when you reach TRS status. I do know Fiverr sure helps me out with a lot of financial needs but I would never quit my day job and rely on Fiverr to be my sole financial support.


Hi Stevie,

Thanks for the reply, and I agree with you 100%. But I would be interested to see if any sellers can draw an average over a year or 2 of their sales and note any consistencies.

I guess the safest bet would be to work on very conservative estimates.


I’ve been around since the early days. At the start, things were simple but after a while things started to get a bit complex. I use to offer illustration services and then started to offer poem writing and homework help.

Things weren’t working out so I took a break from the site. Upon returning things were even more complex. Its not easy offering services in categories that are saturated because it will take a lot to stand out from the competition.

Monthly estimate: $0.00


Well I have been on Fiverr for the last 4 years but started selling 2 years back. In the beginning I received steady flow of orders and my sales kept growing every month. I used to get 12-13 orders a day. I quit my day job to work full time on Fiverr.

But then suddenly the flow orders went on a downhill. From 10-12 orders a day , I am now getting ZERO orders from any new buyer. I have just two or three repeat buyers who order my services.

I believe it is just plain luck. I see some sellers in my category having close to 400 orders in queue. I am not just that lucky.


I’m a TRS, but the sales for me are always changing every month/week.

What I can say for sure is that I will never quit my other job. As much as Fiverr has helped me

a lot financially, it’s sure not enough to make a living. On the other hand I have seen other

TRS sellers making thousands every month so I guess it depends.

When I started 4 years ago I was VERY busy, but recently not so much. One reason is that

a lot of people offer similar gigs to mine (drawing an anime style character) and the number of

those gigs has tripled over the years. I’m OK with it though, I do have some weeks where things

get crazy busy. I also have the dry-up periods. It just happens! :stuck_out_tongue:


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Thank you for all the responses. I see the general consensus is "don’t quit your day job!