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How convince a buyer?


Hello Everybody!!
I am a new seller in Fiverr market. I can’t understand how I write a proper proposal for buyers.


A buyer request is a buyer who wants to find the perfect seller who can complete their requested project. If you want to be that seller, and you want to earn their business, then respond to what they ask for, show them what you can do, and convince them that YOU are the seller they should hire. You’re completing for their business. Therefore, make sure that YOU are the seller who goes out of your way to win their business.

There is no secret formula for winning sales from the Buyer Request section. Just be the best seller who can fulfill the needs of their project.


Thank You jonbaas :heart_eyes:


try more and more. Finally you will get your ans . @apubarua12


Gina is a buyer and here is what she says about writing responses to BR.