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How cool is the above person's profile?


Hey Fiverr buddies, let’s play I game I like to call “How cool is the above person’s profile”!
Start with me, and the one to comment after you will review yours. This’ll be fun!


What’s that is your profile picture? A dinosaur creating sketch? :slight_smile:


Haha its a Velociraptor sketching a Velociraptor.
Velociraptor + Graphics = VelociGraphtor. Hence the name :smile:
I know its cheesy!


Hi Ali, I guess you’re the person above me now, so here’s my comment:
Your profile is just like your gigs, simple yet elegant. And its nice that you enjoy your work. Keep it up!


Sorry to be a party pooper, but that’s not a velociraptor, that’s a Deinonychus duh…
I know what I’m talking about (and not by watching Jurassic Park) :expressionless: