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How could a seller respond to a buyer request


I was wondering how could I professionally respond to a buyer request. Is there any particular format for effectively describing my offers to the buyer for getting orders.


I am interesting as well.

@dusan92 You read the buyer’s request carefully. If he is already putting defensive and demeaning language, do not even bother to give an offer. Take your time and write an excellent, cohesive response. Also, if that means you will be 100th offer. I received an order from the buyer who told me he just scrolled through offers page by page, and when he saw that mine was written as a response to his message, he contacted me. So being 100 but relevant still means something.

Adjust your response to the buyers message. If it is short, you keep it short. Make sure to be to the point and clear what you offer and what you need.


@marinapomorac Thank you for your answer. :slight_smile: Well, my actual problem is that I can’t see any request in buyers’ requests.
I made a gig about MEDICAL and HEALTHCARE writing as I am a doctor, and was lucky to get the offer after a few days. And I delivered it successfully a few days ago. But for now, that is the first and last offer I have got. I have been rated with 5 stars.
However, talking about buyer’s requests I was checking every day and “no request found” is showed from the beginning. Should I contact the Fiverr or it is nomal to do not see any buyer’s requests?

Tila bi na možemo pričati na našem, ali nije fer ekipi pa stoga evo.

You only see buyers request that are under your GIGs, for example, I have gigs for logo and animation so I only get to see request relating to that, I can not see request related to banners or posters since I do not make them or have GIG related to that. And I checked your profile since Dusan is well, our local name, and why are you here, as a doctor? If it is not too much to ask. Even without covid, you should have options for a job all over.

@marinapomorac Yes, we could, but I thought also the same because other people it is not fair.

Well, it is a long story, but to make a long story short, doctors in Serbia volunteer for many years and paying for residency by themselves, most of them who do not have the connections to get hired. For example,I have been volunteering at anesthesia and ICU for one year and stopped before the New Year.
Many doctors have got a job these days, around 240 in the whole country because of COVID. However, I wanted to volunteer again to help the hospital during these days, but I couldn’t because I was in quarantine because I came back from England just before the borders closed, so I spend 28 days in self-isolation.
But all in all, I am planning to move to England to work there, but I have many exams to pass in order to nostrificate the medical degree.

So imagine, you study to be a doctor for 6 years, then volunteer in the hospital for a few years as a General Practitioner or paying your residency from your pocket a few years. Even if you are lucky to get hired during residency, you will still continue to pay for residency by yourself.
So, this is the reason why I am here. :sweat_smile:

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I thought I would never have to suggest a doctor to go practice Adobe Illustrator or Da Vinci resolve editing in order to make money online by making vector drawings and explainer videos for 15$ but…

I do not know what to say. If you need any help or questions regarding Fiverr, ask, you can DM me too.

Check this out:

@marinapomorac Well, graphic design and web designs are my hobbies, I am far from a pro in Illustrator, but I learned it for myself because of I just like creative work.
Well, I have some Harvard certificates and from the World Health Organization and I was a very good student. Maybe in some other country, people will appreciate that more than here. :joy:
And thank you very much for your advice and help. :grinning: I have many friends from Croatia. :grinning:

@dusan92 You are like that thing we see in the movies, a rocket science and surgeon guy immigrates in USA and works as a janitor.

Check what other sections and categories there are on Fiverr, find some things you can do (you can create 7 gigs so why not use them), each gig you select a different specific category, and then you will get requests for them too.

Respond to buyers’ requests honestly and professionally and have patience.

I am not the right person to suggest anything since I am not technically a “Fiverr” person. I write books in “real” life and they make me money (not much but still). My plan is to make more books and retire early. Fiverr is just so I can interact with potential buyers that need my skills in the field I hope to do as a hobby, not main work.

@marinapomorac Yes, I get it, I made the account last year, but I am active maybe just about 2 weeks here, so still in process of learning.
Hahaha, hope my destiny will be a bit brighter. :smiley: I am always for hard for everything and at the end always achieved my goals. Hope this will be the same case now as well.
And thanks one more time! :slight_smile:

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The topic title is buyers request response, and here I give three options:
I prepared this some time ago so lets copy paste it:

DISCLAIMER: I am not saying all of the bellow as an experienced seller on Fiverr, I am only on Fiverr due to COVID and in the amount of time that COVID has been interfering with regular business. I am saying this, in my opinion, as a professional with over 14 years of experience applying that in the Fiverr online environment.

I was approached privately by a lot of new sellers with the same questions, so to simplify my work, I decided to combine my replies into the topic on the Fiverr forum. Please note that 99% of everything I am going to say is probably already written in the past ten years here on the forum, but using search options is like a poison to some.

How to make good GIG?
Pretend you are a buyer and search for logo design, browse through the page and note what GIGs from other sellers attracted your eyes, what made you want to click on that, take notes, and then read their description, check their packages, and gallery. Try to utilize the best parts you find attractive in your description. Check what tags are used by top-rated sellers and sellers showing up on the first page and then create yours, unique and interesting, relevant.
After that put on paper realistic prices and timing, what can you do in what time effectively, and how much do you want for that? Use that as guidance to set your prices.
If you are new, getting views and orders could be hard, so you will probably have to check buyers’ requests and send out some offers.
Costumer statement option #1: I need a logo for my company.
Your reply should consist of:
a) Short introduction
My name is Marina, a professional with X (honest) experience. I want to work on this project with you for your company but to give you my best work I need more information from you. If you are interested, please review my portfolio (if you have none, then this would mean your logo gig description and gallery) and contact me before ordering for further discussion.

b) The buyer replies positively. You should ask then:
Thank you. Please provide me with the following information: name of your company, moto if you have any, colors you prefer, types of logos you prefer, do you have a sketch or sample for me to use as guidance or starting point, do you have any specific requirement. The price of the logo will depend on the complexity of your requirements. All files of logo I will deliver to you in standard vector formats, PDF, Ai and SVG. PNG and JPG are also available but not recommended for printing on large surfaces due to being bitmap form, therefore blurry in print. Kind regards.

Costumer statement option #2: Hello everyone. My name is Cyntia, and I need a logo for my blog. I work with flowers and crafts. I love animals, and I think the world is a wonderful place and I want my logo to make the world an even better place.
Your reply should consist of:
a) Short introduction
Hi Cynthia. Thank you for posting your request on Fiverr. I will be most delighted to help you with your logo design process. Since you seem to be creative, I would like you to send me some sketches or samples of logos or drawings you like so I can make something extraordinary for you. I think the world has the potential of becoming a wonderful place if we all stay positive and support one another. Let me know if you are interested in working with me. Stay safe and take care.

Costumer statement option #3: Hi dude, me need logo for my chanel, fast, like now, c’up?.
Your reply should consist of:
b) Short introduction
Hi dude. What kind of logo you need? Drawing, sketch, give me something to work with here, yu know? Life is short, let’s get your logo up and running man. I can do it. Youll get, like, vector files and all, you read me? Stay cool.

90% of the above you can apply in all your GIGs on Fiverr, regardless on what you are selling.

Stay safe everyone.


Thank you for you reply. That was really helpful to me

Very well answered! I am taking a screenshot of this. These buyer requests have been a bit of a mystery. I click on More and there they are. Now I get to ‘send offer’ and it uses one of my Gigs to send the offer with. I have better stuff to show them - so in my response - as you have explained so well - I can tell them about that and if they are interested - that’s when I send. In the meantime I think I better get some better Gigs going. What is disconcerting is if you leave the page where all the buyer requests are, you won’t see them again - so keep that open till you’re done! (I think)

hello, it’s a great idea, really impressed with these options I think they will be helpful for new sellers. please share with us any other important tips you know.