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How could a seller respond to buyer request

Hi I want to ask here how someone could respond to buyers requests when positive rating is less than 90 … is there any other way to contact buyers ???

I think that if you have the app, you can see the name of the person who posted the request so you can use the Search feature and send them a message via your computer. Hoping it’s not considered spam.

Hey marry_marry!

You have to have good overall rating like more than 90% to your account. Rather than you can’t send any offer to anyone! Sorry to hear about that. I recommend you to improve your ratings first with good quality services to get more 5 star reviews and with good communication with your buyers! :slight_smile:

If you can, contact your buyer who gave that your very first review. And ask him/her about the issue for under rating and solve that to get a 5 star review. :slight_smile: It also may help you very much!

Hope you will get back to game soon! Hope this will help you very much! Have a great future on Fiverr!! Best wishers from Organicguide!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I would talk to your old client and see how you could improve :slight_smile:

how can new comer get access to huge customer

review could be changed when once it has been posted ??and the time limit of order completion has also been expired now .so , what could I do now ?


thanks but I tried this one and it says that you cant contact because of privacy issues…:frowning:

Review can change by buyer within 3 days after post your review. If the time period have passed, I recommend you to contact the buyer and asked for their permission to remove the review. Then contact Fiverr customer support to remove that review with buyer’s agreement. :slight_smile:


It’s 30 days not 3 days. A buyer can edit the review and rating within 30 days after the order is marked complete.

No it is three days for editing but a buyer can post a review till 30 days of delivery time. It means if you have posted a review on a seller’s account on 1st, you can edit it upto 4th but in case if you have not posted, you may post it till 30th. This is the difference and clearly written in the reviews and feedback section.

You have another option. You can delete this account as you have only one review that too is negative. You can create another one and focus on quality.


Hey taverr!!

If you don’t know about rating a order, I recommend you to read this article first my friend.

And there are lots of great articles there that you can learn more about Fiverr. :slight_smile:

Have a great day!