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How could I complete my response rate again?

Some time ago I had a client and I could not respond because it was not available at that time and my response rate was reduced to 75%, since then I respond almost instantly whenever I could but I can not raise that rate even a little, how can I solve that? No one can be at Fiverr 24 hours a day watching everything, they shouldn’t be so severe with lowering the response rate. I was only gone for a few hours. :pensive:

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I think response rate reduced if you don’t reply to a message within 24 hours. I got many message everyday and I replied them within 24 hours. There is no problem at all

Did you read well? I said I was only absent for a FEW hours, so I don’t understand the problem, it wasn’t even 6 hours!


If you replied within 6 hours then there is some problem, You can contact with CS.


That’s what I think I’ll have to do, but I’m not really looking forward to it because they take a long time to respond and they don’t solve almost anything, have you had a good experience with Fiverr Support?

Yes Since I joined fiverr, I contacted CS 10+ times and I got good result every time except my last request.

And you think it’s a problem they can solve? Because I had a problem with the completion rate and I asked them to restore it but they told me that I would have to do it with my effort and luckily that if it is increasing, but the response rate is not, that’s why I came here instead of going to Fiverr Support.

In this matter only CS can help you.

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Well, thank you very much!

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Response rate reduced only if you don’t reply to a message within 24 hours. As you said you replied within 6 hours then may be there is some problem so it would be better if you contact CS. If they found any bug then they will solve this.

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After all if they solved it! Thank you for your suggestion!

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