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How could i contact seller with social?

Dear all

how are you?

I am Ivana, new here. So please pardon me if I am posting this in a wrong section.
I have some Q ,a bit puzzled, can not find the seller’s contact information, only after the order to wait for communication?
i know the seller couldn’t in here 24 hours. so how could i contact seller with social?

thank you all.
looking forward for your answer.

best wish

Its not allowed…you have to wait until buyer respond through fiverr…you will get ban if you trying to contacting him through social medias. clearly submit everything you need from buyer in gig requirement page…it will help.

Hello Ivana,

there should be a green ‘Contact Me’ button on the seller´s page, unless they have turned on vacation mode (in which case you can still leave them a message, if you want, so they can reply once back from vacation).

you are so kind , thank you so much. got it.

:blush:thanks a lot, i will try and wait for it.