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How could i improve my Fiverr Gig?


Hi i am still someone what new with my gigs and was curious if someone could give me they’re opinion on how it looks? Also if you wouldnt mind taking a look at my other gigs and just letting me know if there is anything i can do to improve them? Also is there a way beside sharing my Fiverr gig on facebook and things to gain more sells? I have a low network and wish to expand but do not know where to start.


Hi Austin,

My advice, Check Fiverr academy! There you find useful tips and tricks.

Promote you gigs on social media like twitter and facebook. Low network is no problem, On facebook you find a lot of fiverr groups (use search function). Share your gigs on the fiverr facebook groups. They’re a groups with thousands of people.




Thank you for your reply and i will defiantly take a look at those pages on facebook.