How could we become top seller? Need suggestions


We want to be the top seller.

We have a 100% customer satisfied record. We offer special services, such as recording and transcript in Chinese, post customer’s PR in etc…

I would like to know when we could be the top seller. or what we still need to do to achieve the goal… Thanks.


Reply to @victoria91: Thank you.


Reply to @hudsonmediaroom: Many thanks for your information. We will keep doing good…


There is no formula to becoming a top seller. Instead, you have to keep delivering work on time, provide high quality deliveries, and maintain good customer support.


Yep! @victoria91 is correct…and be patient. I use to dwell on it and even compare gigs that offer the same service I as did. I just didn’t get it. Now, I’m wondering how to get Featured, but I’m not counting sheep. If it’s going to happen, I’ll be so stoked. If it doesn’t I do pretty good on here anyway.

Good luck :slight_smile: