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How could you sell your first Gig…

How could you sell your first Gig….

It is not a big deal to sell your first Gig.if you will follow my instructions so you can get your first deal…

  1. Attach attractive cover pic.
  2. Must add video which will promote your gig.
  3. Mention all necessary things which is related to the buyers.
  4. Make you gig easiest and simple for the buyer.
  5. Gig should be based on honesty and true with the buyer.
  6. Deliver within time.

Follow the above instructions and get your buyer in your hands……

Thanks & Regards

Thanks for the tip!! I will add them to my gigs! :smiley:

Thanks for this info.

I can’t see my gig on search or category so can you tell me whats the problem?
Gig showing good in my selling option and preview also.

Thanks to all for sharing valuable points for better understanding of work culture at fiverr.

Problem is that fiverr shows the more ratings first thats y your gig is not showing.It will show up as it will gradually increase ratings so focus on the mention things it will help you out from it…

Thanks a lot saqi39

thanks man

I appreciate this info. I sold my first gig three days ago and i hope this would bring more buyers to my gig!

I need directions on how to add a video which will promote my gig.

i could help you on skype my id is saqi39 u can add me

thank you so much

Thank you for the tips

I am facing same issue my gig not appear in search result …not even in new tab also … I already received my order . i think i received via avaible project offer… if people unable to find my gig than how can i get orders.


Very useful information, will be sure to apply it. Thanks

For article writing, content writing, reviews or Blog post service I am available but i haven’t got any project yet. I got 2 projects of transcription bu the audio quality was not proper. But I tried my best to complete the task but due to the audio quality, I had to cancel. I am feeling it difficult on Fiverr

How to add audio file to the gig. I am a new seller.I can able to add only one video. I am trying to make for my first sale. i wanted to include more of my sample voice but i could Not do so. In the gallery part I can just able to upload one video.

You can display just one video per gig, the other videos that you see in the slider are gig portfolio audio files, when you deliver an audio file to the buyer he can select the delivered audio file to be shown on your gig portfolio.

Thank you so much