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How Covid-19 Has Impacted Freelancers

Freelancers have always been familiar with the challenges that come with their work arrangements and have taken appropriate risks, but the loss of work over the last few weeks have been overwhelming. With Covid-19, the pressures on independent workers and their problems have only been exacerbated.


Maybe, maybe not. I have pretty much the same workflow now as before the pandemic.


thanks you much your freelancing.

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It depends on the field you are operating in. When you work via Fiverr you shouldn’t notice any negative change, since you work on a distance without interpersonal contact. So if your workload drops it might have other reasons than Covid-19.

My business outside of this platform had the best year so far. My income has doubled this year.


Hi, Mario! I am happy to hear that good news! However, I am even happier to see you here! @nikavoice is going to be so jealous that I got to :eyes: you!


Thank you Vickie!
Say hello to @nikavoice, since I don’t spend time on forums anymore.


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I know that since the pandemic started, I’ve been getting a lot less music related work. Specifically, I write lyrics and make lo-fi hip hop beats. This year has been very scarce for music gigs so far. A lot of people no longer have the time or the money to make and create music. Due to that, I only manage to get two gigs a month. Usually, I should be getting more orders this time of year. Yet, a lot of people can’t afford to make music right now :frowning:

Because the places that use to be able hire musicians are mostly closed.

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I think it all depends on what type of Gigs you are offering. Some will not be affected by outside influences, while others will be totally decimated.

I have not seen a major downturn in what I offer. (I am an astrologer)


Also, it seems the creative energy is gone too for the most part.

I agree, it affects me for sure!